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Nail Gel

Want Clear, Healthy Looking Nails?
Get NonyX ®, it Really Works…Guaranteed!

  • A natural formula that can show you healthier nails in a       matter of weeks!

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Are you embarrassed by the way your toenails or fingernails look? Are they yellow with unsightly nail discoloration? Get Nonyx Nail Gel. Just a few drops of this concentrated formula goes to work to eliminate keratin buildup under your nails, and to lower your nails' P.H. balance. This non-irritating treatment is far less expensive than a prescription that can carry possible side effects. One 4 oz bottle goes a long way…lasting three to four months. Best of all you begin to see more beautiful, healthier nails in a few weeks!

Ingredients: Deionized water, ethanoic acid, xanthan gum, fragrance.

DIRECTIONS: Apply a thin coat (one or two drops) of NonyX ® Nail Gel twice daily to the surface of discolored nails, and under the tip of thickened nails. Do not apply under nails thinned by use of acrylic nails. Allow gel to set for several minutes before covering with footwear. Always try to apply after bathing, showering or swimming. Using an emery board, gently roughen the flat surface of nails once a week to enhance gel adhesion. This bottle contains 4 ounces of NonyX Gel and should last 3 to 4 months, depending on the number of nails receiveing gel. Look for improved color and softened keratin debris build-up under the nail in 3 to 4 weeks. Overall nail apperance will improve over time as keratin debris exfoliates with continued use of NonyX Gel. To keep nails looking clear, apply 3 times weekly after bathing.

WARNING: For external use only. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid eye contact. This product contains an eye irritant. If eye contact occurs, flush with cool water immediately.

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